Use an HTML Signature instead of just a standard Image Signature

Image email signatures are all over the place. Open your email application and you will find many.

A Photo does look impressive, however you will benefit a lot more from an HTML signature.

Here’s why you should use a professional HTML email signature.


Why use HTML instead of just a photo?

  1. Your email is more likely to be flagged as SPAM, because your text:image ratio would be a lot lower. Emails should contain more text than photos. Spam filters use the text:image ratio algorithm to detect spam.
  2. Should an email server block the images then your recipient would still see your Name, Contact Number, Email address and all the other text in the signature. With just an image the recipient won’t see anything.
  3. With HTML you can have more links in your email than with just one image you can only have one link. For example: You can have your social medial links added. with an image signature this is not possible.

HTML Signatures are best for Marketing

Some people choose to insert links to relevant services or products that can help a lot with marketing. I once saw an email of someone introducing a new service using the footer of their email signature.  It’s basically free marketing every time someone in your organisation sends an email.

Simplify Email Signature Management

It can be quite a task to manage email signatures in your organisation. It really looks unprofessional when each user in your company has a different style in their email signature. At Just Plain IT we simplify email signature management by using an email signature platform that does the following:
  • Ensure Brand Consistency.
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns.
  • Maintain Legal Compliance.
  • Marketing Consistency.
Contact us today to find out more about simplifying your email signature.

Tips Working From Home During COVID-19 Lockdown

Create Home Office

Find a cosy space in your home where you can focus. The background won’t matter because you can use background blur in Microsoft Teams to keep teammates focused on you. To cancel any background noise such as children crying, dogs barking , etc. use Krisp


Make sure you connect with your team every morning even if its only for a few minutes to keep momentum going. Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool to achieve this. Also, you can record the meeting for anyone not able to attend.



Make a rule that video is always turned on so you can interact face to face. This creates a better atmosphere. Make sure everyone can interact. Pause frequently to allow time for any questions. Use the chat window also to be more effective. Remember the Microsoft Teams record function.

Quick Chat’s

The quick chat function is very effective to ask quick questions during the course of the day.

Team Activities

If you want to brainstorm you can use the Microsoft Whiteboard. This will allow everyone to engage and feel included.

Windows 10 End of Life

Goodbye Windows 7

It's time to upgrade

14 January 2020

Windows 7 has reached end of life

Say goodbye to Windows 7. Microsoft is dropping all support of Windows 7. The operating system is nearly 11 years old. Even though Windows 7 was one of the best operating systems to date, it is time to upgrade.

This has a massive effect on PC’s worldwide. Hackers will be very busy targeting Windows 7 PC’s over the next few months. PC’s will be vulnerable as Microsoft will stop rolling out any security updates from 14 Jan 2020.

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