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Managed IT Services
for Financial Advisors

IT Specialists in the Financial Services sector


All in One solution

10 years experience

We have been helping financial advisors and other financial services clients since 2012.

Over the years we have tailor-made a solution for financial services professionals that gives them peace of mind over IT Support, Security, Data Backups and also complying to POPIA regulations.

All in One

We provide an All-In-One IT Solution for financial service professionals.

Did you know?

Financial services are one of the most highly regulated industries. Financial services companies must have a strong email archiving solution that enables them to stay in compliance and access email records easily if audited.

The Problems

Common Financial Services Use Cases

Our solution offers journal archiving, an email archiving preservation technique that empowers administrators and authorized third-parties (such as auditors, etc.) to facilitate compliance-quality archiving activities known as eDiscovery, versus standard email archiving that is simply a way to store inbound and outbound email messages for retrieval at a later date. Journaling is a tamper-proof caliber of email archiving that meets the rigorous standards of regulated authorities and the courts.
When financial service organizations fail to take the necessary steps to safeguard their email communication data and protect it from theft, loss or damage, they are risking their future viability. Whether it’s a cyberattack an inadvertent data deletion, or a ransomware attack that holds emails hostage, a company’s brand can be at risk in seconds. With the help of Dropsuite technology we protect your information in the cloud with state-of-the-art encryption, whether your data is in transit or at rest, giving our customers peace of mind knowing their email data is safe.
One of the most common of use cases when it comes to lost data is an employee or other authorized person accidentally deleting data. Typically, with systems like Office 365 there is a window of opportunity to pull files out of the recycle bin. However, there are limits to how long data is kept in the recycle bin. If the discovery of lost data comes too late, the data is gone, permanently. With our solutions, you can recover any email on demand — at multiple points in time. Financial Services Customers have full “recovery assurance” for all emails, attachments, calendar and tasks — which eliminates the risk of losing critical business data.


All in one service offering

IT Support & Maintenance

Get unlimited IT Support and maintenance for your business. We maintain security patches on all devices.

PC / Hardware Sales

We source the correct hardware that will meet your requirements. We also manage any warranty claims on your behalf.

Cloud Solutions

Professional Email and File Storage in the Cloud with top technology.


We protect your network and devices agains malicious attacks.


Security begins with encryption. Encryption on all devices and multi-layered encryption on PCs.


Regulatory-compliant archiving of email communication and encryption reports to stay compliant.

Cyber Security Training

Security awareness training is key for improving risky employee IT behaviours that can lead to security compromises.

Backups and Archiving

Our archiving solution includes automated incremental data backup, 1-click data restore, POPIA compliant email archiving, and military-grade security.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Would 'informal' communication with Clients on email (e.g. Clients sending emails about something that happened) also need to be subject to a level of password protection or encryption?

Where an email being sent contains any ‘special personal information’ it must be encrypted.

Online/ Video consultations: If doing online consultations on Zoom/Teams would this be acceptable? And how does this pertain to security of online consultations?

In order to record a consultation, the financial advisor must obtain consent from the client. The purpose of recording must also be understood and explained. The recording of the consultation should also be secured by storing the recording securely on the solution platform that can be encrypted.

If one keeps Client files/notes on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. do these devices need to be password protected / encrypted?

When files are shared which include personal information or special personal information, these files should be encrypted or protected.

Should you report data breach to the regulator?

In the event of a security or information breach where personal information has been compromised, the Information Regulator as well as any parties whose personal information has been accessed or acquired by an unauthorised party, should be notified.

Should you also report it to the regulator if you have a stolen cell phone with client cellphone numbers on it?

n the event of a security or information breach where personal information has been compromised, the Information Regulator as well as any parties whose personal information has been accessed or acquired by an unauthorised party, should be notified. 

How Do You Secure Your Clients Telephone Numbers On Your Cell Phone? If It Is Stolen?

You should ensure that you have the necessary security measures in place on your device e.g. secure passwords; up to date antivirus software etc. In addition, the necessary technologies should be in place on a mobile device to ensure that if the item is stolen that all/any information can be wiped clean and thus removing all access to the perpetrator.

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