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In Short

Just Plain IT was established in early 2012. The company is based in Pretoria and Johannesburg, and started by servicing, repairing and maintaining home and small business pc’s and networks.

Expanded in 2014

Today the company has grown into a dynamic team that is passionate about people and the broad field of Information Technology. We are determined to provide our clients with the best solutions that will suit their needs and pockets.

Passionate about Technology

For us it’s more than just providing a service or solution, we love tech and the evolution of technology.

Passionate About People

We deal with many professionals from all walks of life. We believe in building strong business relationships.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Rome was not built in a day and so we don’t want our clients to expect everything to be solved and fixed in a day. It’s a process going from strength to strength.

We Keep It Simple

No one can afford overkill on IT Solutions. That is why we provide plain and simple solutions. Hence the name Just “Plain” IT.

Our Dream. Our Vision.

consistency is the key

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